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#106: Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving, and even though it's a little weird this year (okay, a lot weird), I'm still incredibly thankful. I get to see my little bubble of people, eat too much delicious food, and relax.

Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday as a kid because I got to spend it with my mom's extended family (the one holiday we spent with them) and they were a warm, hilarious group of people who also happened to be exceptionally good cooks. There was always enough food for about 400 people, I was guaranteed to laugh until my stomach hurt, and there were no expectations of gifts or rituals or anything else. Everyone just hung out, caught up on family news, ate a ton of food, probably dozed off on a couch somewhere and then went out in the yard for a post-lunch touch football game.

It's been many years since I've made it up home for Thanksgiving—owning a company that runs 24/7/365 made it difficult for a while, and then we started traveling to Thanksgiving with my husband's family—but it is still my favorite holiday. I'm excited to be able to host it in my own house this year, to be able to be relaxed and stay home in comfy clothes and just enjoy a slow day of heating up Cracker Barrel food, playing games, and probably watching a Harry Potter movie with my daughter. It won't be the usual Thanksgiving, but it's not the usual year, and I'm just ever so grateful to be able to see the small group of people I can see, and to celebrate all the things I do still have to be thankful for.

Also, pecan pie.


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