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#132: Welcome to 2021!

Good morning, gentle reader! I hope you are waking up this morning rested and refreshed, ready to take on the new year! (I'm less worried about shouting into someone's hangover this year, since the options for wild parties night. I figure everyone is waking up feeling better than they normally would.)

I made a resolution years ago to never wake up on New Year's Day hungover again, because what a shitty way to start a new year, amiright? I did it a few times when I was younger, and it felt like it took me until January 3rd or 4th to really get in the swing of things. And being such a fan of fresh starts and new beginnings, it didn't feel like the right way to honor the biggest fresh start most of us get in a year. (And yes, I know calendars are a construct, and there's no material difference between December 31st and January 1st, etc. Just let me have this.)

I'm very excited for 2021, not just because 2020 was a dumpster fire rolling toward a chemical plant next to a packed theme park. I'm excited because I have so many aspirations for 2021. This is the year my consulting business really takes off. And my logistics business posts another profitable year and moves into a new location and grows. And I finish my book. And launch my online courses. And get to speak in public again, at some point. And I get to spend it with my husband and daughter (like I do every year, but still-exciting.)

In other words, it's gonna be an awesome year. Not because I expect it to be, but because I'm going to spend it working toward the things that are important to me, and because I survived 2020 intact, and because there's so much good work to be done.



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