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#182: Spring Fever

Where I am, the sun is shining and it's 54 degrees out. That's damn nice for March 12th in Cincinnati, and it is making me want to blow off my afternoon and go someplace for a beer. (Outside on a patio, of course.)

But it isn't just the weather. I realized this week that I'm teetering dangerously close to burnout. I've been working really hard the past two and a half months at both my jobs, and I'm getting that "screw it all, I'm just gonna stop working and go take a nap" feeling more and more frequently.

In cases where this happens, I can do one of two things: keep pushing, and make myself sick, or angry, or unpleasant to be around; or take a day or two to recharge my batteries. So Sunday, I'm unplugging. I'm not checking email, I'm not logging onto my computer, I'm not doing anything. It'll be the first full day off I've had all year, and it's necessary. I'll power through my weekend work tomorrow, and then spend the second half of the weekend far, far away from my computer and everything it wants from me.


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