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#194: Revising My Expectations

At the start of the year, I set some pretty aggressive goals for myself. Too aggressive, it turns out.

I wasn't counting on both my logistics business and my consulting business to take off at the same time, and to need so much of my time, or my daughter starting her own business, or for so many people to want to network with me, or any of the dozen other things that happened, and ate my schedule.

At the end of the quarter, I looked back and realized I'd only achieved one of my goals. But instead of feeling bad (life happens, and we can't always predict how busy we'll be at any given time), I recalibrated.

This past weekend, on my decompression retreat, I took a stack of index cards and wrote a potential project on each card—a physical way of counting, moving around, and prioritizing my goals. It's an exercise I recommend. At the end of my brain-dump, I had 12 cards. All contained a important, meaningful project, but I knew that I could take on, at most, two of them this quarter.

I stared at my stack, thought about what would move the needle most on my business, and picked those two. The others got stacked back up and put in the back of my day planner, where I know I can look back at them at any time, and add a new project into the mix. This re-calibration, a revising down of my goals, didn't feel like a failure. It felt like realism, and like I was taking charge of my goal-setting, instead of it taking charge of me.


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