I'm Lacy.

I'm a storyteller.

(And an entrepreneur, teacher, and consultant.)

I love starting and growing businesses, teaching, speaking, traveling, parenting, and deadlifts. 

I've spent the last 20 years getting really good at all those things, so now I want to help other people (and businesses) develop their skills. 

(Okay, I'm still not great at parenting, but I hear there's a pretty steep learning curve on that one.) 


My favorite part of running a business is...running the business. I get so jazzed when someone asks me for advice on how to improve their culture, develop an idea, or just solve a problem they are facing. After many years of doing it on an ad hoc basis, I decided it was finally time to get serious, and start a consulting company. 

I started Legion ten years ago in the basement of my house...now it's a $30 million business with 34 employees in an office in Florence. It's safe to say that over the past decade, I've learned more about business than I ever thought I would, or could. Legion is my first child (my daughter was born 18 months after we opened) and has served as the proving ground for all my big ideas. It's home. 

Five years ago, I was sitting in a meeting at UC when they asked if we knew anyone who had a Master's Degree and was interested in teaching sales. I raised both hands, having no idea what I'd just gotten myself into. Teaching sales to college students has been one of the most demanding, rewarding and exhilarating experiences of my career. I absolutely love it. 

Wanna Talk More? 

Email me if you want me to speak, write for your publication or join you on your podcast. Or if you'd just like to chat. I like chatting with people, too. 

​Tel: 513-532-6652   lacy@lacystarling.com

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