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#142: Stop Rehearsing Your Mistakes

My meditation this morning was a doozy. Focused on self-love, it wasn't as woo-woo as I thought it would be. (And if I'm being honest, I need a little help on the loving myself front.)

The one line that stood out to me, though, was "Stop rehearsing your mistakes." By dwelling on what we've done "wrong" in our lives—our mistakes, our slip-ups, our regrets—we are not only damaging our self-regard, we are using those memories to create grooves in our thinking that returns us to those mistakes over and over again.

This is something I struggle with, mightily. I still beat myself up over an unkind comment I made when I was a senior in high school, more than 20 years ago. It's ridiculous, but I've given that moment in my life so much weight and credence that it is one of the few memories I still have of that period of my life. How ridiculous!

So now, when memories of mistakes pop up, I'm committed to tying metaphorical balloons to the thoughts and letting them float away, rather than continuing to rehearse them.


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