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#169: What's in a Name?

In the ongoing saga of Catherine's business, we've reached the worst stage - picking a name. Naming businesses creatively has never been my strong suit (see: Starling Consulting), so I'm not a ton of help on this front.

Catherine, on the other hand, is a nearly 10-year-old girl, so her mind goes in a million directions at once, all of them slightly left-of-center. (This is not a bad thing.) But, put the two of us together, and it makes for an...interesting brainstorming session. Wild suggestions crash into boring ones, and it feels like not much progress is being made. Plus, whatever we suggest has to be available in the State of Kentucky AND have a domain name that works, two constraining factors.

We got through it, though. After a few weeks of back and forth, we came up with a name that works - Cat's Creations. It's available in Kentucky, we can get a reasonably good domain name for it, and we already knocked out the logo. This is starting to feel more like a real business every day! (Now we just need to sell something.)


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