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#170: Non-Traditional Salespeople

I hear from a lot of people who are worried they won't be successful in sales because they aren't "traditional" salespeople.

It's a common misconception—that to be good at sales, you have to be born with some magic sales gene, or major in marketing in college, or be Zig Ziglar's #1 disciple.

None of that is true. To be a good salesperson, you have to have three things:

  1. A strong work ethic. Sales is hard work, and anyone who thinks it's just smooth talk and a good golf game is in for a rude awakening.

  2. An interest in other humans, as humans. You cannot be a good salesperson and only care about what's lining your pockets. That might bring temporary monetary success, but it leads to a short career and a ruined reputation.

  3. An unshakeable belief that what you are selling is valuable. If you truly believe that your product or service is worthwhile, that it brings value to customers, and that it solves a problem for them, you'll be unstoppable.

And that's it. Everything else is just figuring out who the right people are to talk to, and how to communicate your belief in your product. There's nothing magical (or genetic) about it.


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