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#172: Use that CRM

I firmly believe that a CRM is the most important tool in any sales toolkit, and that most salespeople are using it wrong, or not at all.

It’s like watching a person try to cut down a tree with a butter knife when there’s a chainsaw on the ground next to them—frustrating.

Most salespeople treat their CRM as a nuisance, or an inconvenience. It’s the thing you have to use when the boss is looking, but once they look away, you’re back to writing stuff on a million different scraps of paper, or worse, trying to store them all in your human brain. (Brains are made for processing, not storage, people.)

If your CRM isn’t being used to capture every single interaction you have with people out in the wider world, and to remind you of all your commitments, and to tee up email templates and phone scripts and anything else that you would normally try to simply “remember,” you are cutting down a tree with a butter knife.

It’s gonna take forever (if it happens at all) and you’re gonna wear out a whole lot faster.


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