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#198: Becoming Immune to Your Awesomeness

Anytime I'm doing a sales training, whether with an individual or a group, I start with the same question:

"Is your product/service amazing?"

First slide. Every time. And every time, I get a chorus of "yes!" or "absolutely!" or my favorite, "hell yeah!" (It helps that I only work with companies that I already know have amazing products or services.)

I ask this question, though, to REMIND people that what they are selling is awesome. Once we've been selling something long enough, we can sometimes become immune to its (and our) awesomeness. It becomes old hat.

When what you are selling becomes old hat, or you become immune to its awesomeness, that can make it feel like you are selling something that's....not great. Which makes selling it a million times harder.

Make sure you are taking time, regularly, to remind yourself (and your sales team, if you manage one) what makes your company so great. List the things that make you stand out from the crowd in your industry and take that energy into every meeting you have. The impact on your sales rates will astonish you.


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