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#136: Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Oh boy. Where do I even start on this one? First, a confession. I feel inadequate. A lot. Call it imposter syndrome, call it low self-esteem, call it perfectionism, whatever you'd like. It's inadequacy. I look at myself and what I'm doing and compare it to others and what they are doing and BAM! There it is. I feel less than.

And man, that's stupid. SO STUPID. Whatever anyone else is doing is none of my business, honestly. And looking at their highlight reel on social media or in the newspaper doesn't tell me anything about how long or hard they had to work to get there, or how many failures they had along the way, or all the times THEY felt inadequate.

I go down these rabbit holes of telling myself I should be farther ahead, I should be able to do more, I should have my shit more together, and it just drains all the joy out of my life and my work. I LOVE what I'm doing in my new consulting biz, and I LOVE the work I get to do over at Legion, and I LOVE my family and my husband and my life with them, so what the actual fuck am I missing? The success will come, or it won't, and I'll still have all the things I love, just like I do now.

So, in this new year, when I'm going to be pushing and striving and working to get my book written and published, and do exciting work in the business community, and get in better shape, I can't waste time worrying about everybody else. I just have to worry about myself.


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