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#137: Put Those Goals Where You Can See Them

Everyone who has read my blog for more than ten minutes knows that I LOVE goal setting. I think it is a critical factor in both individual and company success, and that everyone should set goals regularly.

But it's not enough to set goals. You also have to stay engaged with them. And to that end, I think you should put them where you can see them, every day.

My five quarterly goal detail sheets are taped to the wall in my home office. I can reach out from my keyboard, where I'm typing this, and touch every single one of those Goal Detail sheets, and I only have to turn my head 45 degrees to re-engage with my goals. It's critical that I stay focused on what's most important, and that I don't lose touch with what I said I wanted to accomplish this year, so I keep my goals as close as I possibly can.

I recommend you do the same—plaster them up on the wall, hang them above your bed, do whatever you need to do to stay connected to your goals.


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