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#14: Discipline

This morning, I was reminded (yet again) of the importance of discipline when you are trying to create daily habits. I had an undisciplined morning, and it has screwed up my entire perspective on the day, making it difficult for me to focus and be productive. Which makes me angry and frustrated. Which makes it more difficult for me to focus and be productive. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Last night, I agreed to let my daughter sleep in my room. She's been begging to sleep in my room for over a year now, and I finally gave in because it is summer, and I've been working a lot, and I'm an idiot. (I hate having her sleep in my room—she's restless and chatty and clingy and I've just never been a person who enjoys having my kid in bed with me.)

This morning, I woke up on time, ready to do my morning routine. But with Catherine in my room, I had to sneak out without my water (and if I went downstairs to get water, the dog would wake up, and wake up the whole house.) So I went into my HIIT workout thirsty as all get out, and things went downhill from there. I couldn't finish my HIIT because I was so thirsty. And then I didn't go through my yoga routine properly. And by the time I got to my meditation, I was done. I didn't even really try to focus and meditate. I just sat there and thought how futile it all was because as soon as I was done, I wasn't going to be able to shower, which is the only way I feel human. It was a mess, and now I'm a mess—frustrated, thirsty, unshowered and angry that my day didn't start the way I wanted it to.

But every frustration contains a lesson, and this particular frustration contains many. First, I should have prepared better last night. I should have set out a water cup in my guest room so I didn't die of dehydration while doing my workout. Second, I should have refocused myself before I started anything else. Knowing that things weren't exactly right, I should have taken a few minutes and made a plan for how I was going to handle a less-than-ideal morning situation. Third, I could have prepared to take a shower in the guest room instead of just waiting for her to get up. Most importantly, though, I shouldn't agree to let Catherine disrupt my schedule during the week. Her sleeping in my room on the weekend would have been less disruptive and more conducive to how I want to do things, and I should have held firm on that instead of indulging her. I need to be disciplined about my habits and this was an easy way to do that. Instead, I feel angry and resentful because I gave in, instead of happy and rejuvenated from my morning routine.

This early morning was a waste, but I'm going to hit the reset button here in a minute and do the best I can to salvage a positive attitude for the rest of the day. (A shower would really help.) And I'll take this lesson the universe handed me and apply it next time someone tries to tempt me away from the discipline I need to be successful.


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