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#140: It's Always the Pipeline

Starting 2021, I had a few REALLY SLOW days. No meetings, no phone calls, no networking, no client was like tumbleweeds were rolling down main street on my calendar.

I started freaking out. Would I ever have meetings again? Would my networking just dry up forever, leaving me with no potential for new connections and business? Were all of my clients ghosting me?

After a few minutes of panic, and perhaps more than a few leftover Halloween candy bars, I realized that the problem was what it always is - my pipeline was just empty. I'd taken a couple of weeks off at the end of the year, and hadn't been working to get folks on the calendar, therefore, I didn't have folks on the calendar. As soon as I started reaching out again, my calendar started filling up.

It wasn't a crisis, but it was a good reminder—an empty pipeline causes more stress in sales than anything else.


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