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#168: Blind Spots

A few weeks ago, I had an unusually difficult conversation with a member of my management team at Legion. There was some management training that needed to be done, and it had to be handled very delicately.

Because the manager who needed training was me.

Apparently, I have been walking around for YEARS with a pretty big blind spot about my management style, and it took an honest (and difficult) conversation with one of my direct reports to make me see it.

(The criticism? I’m not good at patiently answering detailed questions from people. I get frustrated with detail stuff, and over the years, my team has learned not to ask me. Which isn’t good.)

As is usually the case when confronted with less-than-stellar behavior, I immediately asked my husband if it was true. Sadly, he said it was. Even at home, I don’t deal well with lots of questions, especially if I have to repeat myself for any reason.

UGH. I mean, I know I’m human, but to be confronted with evidence like this was a little...unsettling. I was disappointed in myself, and in the fact that I had this blind spot to begin with.

But the only way to get better is to know. The first step is acknowledging that this is true, and working harder to be more patient and gracious when people have questions.


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