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Today is Catherine's 10th birthday, which is cause for much celebration at our house. She's been running around for months, talking about how this is her year to get into "Double Digits."

What I've been doing for months is running around, wondering how the HELL I can have a ten-year-old child. It doesn't seem possible to me, since the past 10 years have flown by in a blink.

The march of time is inevitable, though, and none of us are getting any younger, so I'm taking today to pause, and reflect on the last 10 years (an absolute whirlwind) and do a little thinking about the next 10. Although, if the past decade is any indication, I have NO IDEA where I'll be at that point.

I have also been trying to remember what it's like to be 10. To have my whole life ahead of me, and for everything to be a possibility. It's pretty awe-inspiring, and it is unfortunate that life beats that sense of possibility out of us over time. So my mission, even if just for today, is to try to find a little of that awe, that possibility, and share it with Catherine.

My secondary mission is to eat a BUNCH of cookie cake and cry because my daughter is getting so big.


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