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#180: They Can't All Be Home Runs

Yesterday, I led a seminar wasn't great.

I was trying something new, and I'm not sure I reached people the way I wanted to. I'm not sure the content resonated, or if people took away what I meant for them to.

And that's okay.

I felt bummed afterward, because I always want to be at the top of my game, but I also realize that I'm human, and not every single thing I do will be amazing. Sometimes, I won't a home run. I might hit a single. I might even strike out. (I don't think yesterday was a strikeout, just a dribbly little single up the baseline.)

And yes, it stings to not be fabulous every single time I try something, but if I were, it would mean I wasn't trying anything new. There's risk in anything different, or new, and that risk is failure. I'll take what I learned from yesterday's session and use it to make myself better in the future.


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