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#186: The Cart Before the Horse

So many times, when I'm brought in to help a client, they want to rush into hiring a new salesperson before they are ready.

The growth plan might be ready, but that doesn't mean the business itself is. You might have identified that you won't grow the way you want to without additional sales help, but unless you've done a LOT more work than that, your hiring efforts will be wasted.

Before you can hire a salesperson (or a sales team), you need to do a few things.

First, clearly understand the structure of your team - are they built to scale? If you haven't thought deeply about how your team is structured and what kind of new hire you actually need, you have a lot of work to do before trying to hire someone.

Second, clearly articulate your expectations and metrics for every role on the team. If they aren't crystal clear, get clarity before you even think about hiring.

Third, bake that structure and those expectations into the job description and all the steps of the interview process. Any new sales hire should walk through the door, ready to recite their KPIs because they've heard them so many times.

Fourth, establish onboarding, training and ongoing review procedures for new team members before you publish the job posting.

If every single one of those tasks haven't been done, in that order, you aren't ready to hire a salesperson.


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