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#188: Details Matter

Last week, I had a serious conversation with the folks at my logistics company about details. It wasn't entirely pleasant.

We'd had a good few weeks of sales, bringing in new business and moving lots of freight, but there had been too many stupid little mistakes that ended up costing us money and credibility.

It happens to every team, and every person, from time to time. We get comfortable, we get casual, and we start letting the little things slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as "little things" to customers. When it comes to the services they pay us for, everything is a big thing, and it helps to remember that.

Therefore, every time we get sloppy, or become less attentive to detail, it is up to our managers, employers, mentors, or other authority figures to remind us to sharpen up, stop being sloppy, and start treating all the things like big things. My coach does it for me, and I do it for my team.


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