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#207: What's in it for THEM?

When you start writing your first sales script, it is so important to focus on your potential customers. Too many salespeople pick up the phone, or sit down across from a new prospect, and immediately start features-vomiting all over them.

No one wants to be vomited on.

It's a classic rookie mistake, and one born of eagerness to close a sale, or pride in the product/service you are selling, or even just nervousness. Our lizard brains take over, and tell us that if we just TELL THE PROSPECT EVERYTHING about our business, they are going to be so blown away by how awesome it is that they are going to buy immediately.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true. If a prospect has to sit through 20 minutes of you rhapsodizing about whatever it is that you do, they'll be LESS likely to buy. I know I always am.

Instead of promoting your own fantastic product or service, those first meetings need to be entirely about the prospective customer - their needs and wants, their concerns, and what's important to them. Only after understanding what it is that they want and need from a product or service should you start offering up solutions. (If you even have a solution.)


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