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#201: Audience Matters

The most important part of becoming a thought leader or an expert in your field is to make sure you are reaching the right audience.

It does me no good to write extensively about sales and strategy if the only people reading my blog are sheep herders in north Montana. Nothing against sheep herders, but I'm guessing they don't have much need for what I'm creating here. (This is where the "everything is sales" part of my brain kicks in and goes...weeeellllllllll.....)

Instead, I need to make sure that the people who are consuming my content are actually finding value in it, and would possibly want to learn more from me. THOSE are the people who make up my target audience.

I seek them out, connect with them, and then write with them in mind. I create seminars that I think they'd find useful. I produce videos that contain information they'd find helpful. I hold that customer profile in my mind whenever I'm doing anything inside my business.

Because if I'm not creating with my audience in mind, I'm simply writing for myself. And while that may be enjoyable, it's not going to help me grow. (I'm already bought in, you see.)

Do you know your audience? Are you targeting them? Do you keep your customer profile in mind whenever you create something new in your business?


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