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#22: New Beginnings

Tomorrow, August 1st, is the start of something new for me. After 11 years of working pretty much exclusively at Legion (I don't count teaching one semester a year at UC as another job), I've decided to branch out and finally start my consulting company. I'm not leaving Legion, but I'm changing my day-to-day involvement and the number of hours I'm spending in the office. (However, I'm not giving up my ownership, or my love for the company, or my commitment to Legion's success. This is not an either/or. It's a both/and.)

Eleven years is a long time to do anything, especially for a serial entrepreneur like myself. And I've had the itch for years to start using the knowledge I've gained over the last decade to help other companies grow and thrive. But life has a way of holding us in place sometimes, and the comfort factor of being at a company that I started and that has been my home for all of my 30's was intense. But I'm turning 40 in a few weeks, and that birthday feels momentous. Honestly, it started to feel like if I didn't make this move now, it would never happen. So I used my August birthday as a forcing factor, and I set the date of August 1st for this transition, even though I was in no way prepared. (Or at least not as prepared as I'd like to be. I'm a planner.)

Is the timing perfect? No. But, much like with having kids, the timing for starting a new venture will never be perfect. Yes, many companies are experiencing difficulties right now, but that's the time when you need to double down on being intentional and strategic, two of the things I'm best at. Any company that wants to survive (and thrive!) in this time needs to really understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. And I'll be here to help.

I'm not going to lie—this is a scary, exciting, exhilarating, terrifying, amazing, busy, intimidating change. I know so many people who are good at consulting, and to throw my hat into the ring seems crazy. But I also know that I'm really good at what I do, and that nothing gets me juiced more than helping other businesses be successful. Nothing. So that's what I need to be doing with my life.

Tomorrow, when I wake up, I won't just the President and Fearless Leader of Legion Logistics. I will also be the Founder and Chief Intention-Setter at Starling Consulting. And I can't wait.


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