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#24: You Aren't Supposed to Know

One afternoon last week, as I was filling in my planner, I got to feeling pretty anxious. I was doing goal setting and task building and habit tracking (you know, the really sexy stuff I do in my free time) and getting more and more wound up about this new adventure I'm on. I don't have a firm roadmap for how I'm supposed to do what comes next, and that's freaking me out, big time. As I tried to decide what goals and tasks and habits to focus on this month, I found myself spiraling into a doubt tornado, questioning my ability to do anything, let alone launch something new during the worst economy we've seen since the Great Depression.

Once I was good and hysterical (inside—from the outside, I'm sure I just looked like any other totally normal, calm woman sobbing into a notebook), I glanced at the page next to my habit tracker and read this quote:

"When you take the leap and believe in the not-yet seen, you aren't supposed to know how to make it happen, because if you knew how, you probably would have done it already."- Jen Sincero

Yet another two-by-four to the forehead moment for Lacy. OF COURSE I don't know how to make this happen. I've never done it before. All I can do is set my intention, develop a strategy, create clear targets, work hard, and course correct if it turns out I've been doing the wrong things. I won't know until it's done how to make it happen, and even then, some parts of it will probably still be a mystery. I just have to do it and believe in the not-yet seen.


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