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#100: Ten Percent Done!

Whoa! I just looked up and realized I've written 100 blogs! One-tenth of the way to my 1,000 blog goal. And while this chunk of 50 has been a little harder than the first 50, I chalk that up to a few factors.

  1. I'm much busier. When I started this blogging project, I hadn't launched my consulting business yet, so I was only working one full-time job instead of two. Putting in the work of writing five days' worth of content a week became a lot more complicated when I added another whole business.

  2. This isn't the only content I'm producing. I'm now creating different content for my LinkedIn, instead of just repurposing my blogs everywhere. That's a challenge - I'm now creating 7-10 pieces of content a week instead of just five.

  3. My body is protesting. I've had to become much more aware of my body the past three months. I'm spending too much time at my desk and not enough time out in the world. (Covid stopping all outside networking has something to do with this.) My neck and shoulders and elbows and wrists are all barking, all the time, so I have to carefully budget my writing time so I don't inflame every tendon I own.

  4. My focus has tightened. I'm much more tightly focused in my content creation now, so that has been a limiting factor on the types and styles of posts I can make. But it has also forced me to be more creative, so that's a good thing.

But, all that said, I did it. I haven't missed posting a single weekday of content since I started on July 9th, no matter how busy/overwhelmed/in pain I've been. And that's something.

100 down, 900 to go!


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