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#116: The Thousand Monkeys Have Retired

Some days, it's easy to come up with blog ideas. I'll start writing and they'll just flow from my fingertips like water. (I'm not sure why water would come from my fingertips, but it's also hard, some days, to come up with good similes.) Other days, I sit at my desk during my designated blog writing time, absolutely empty of ideas, slowly spinning in my chair, looking for inspiration everywhere, anywhere.

Today was definitely the latter sort of day. I'm behind on my blogging because of the holiday and my own lack of inspiration and recent willingness to bail on blogging time before I crank out my five weekly blogs, so the pressure is intense right now to come up with compelling content. Or, frankly, any content at all. But, I made a commitment (one that I regret some days, trust me) to write 1,000 blogs in a row, without missing a weekday, and by God, I'm going to do it.

Thinking about those 1,000 blogs made me think of the old saying that a thousand monkeys with typewriters, given enough time, would write Shakespeare. And then I started to wonder where I could find 1,000 monkeys to write my blog. (Turns out, you can't get 1,000 monkeys in Kentucky. Something about permits and animal cruelty.)

So, in the absence of monkeys pounding away at typewriters, we are here, in this mess, with me trying to think of a way to exit this blog gracefully, or with some moral, or lesson, or parable, or at least a good catchphrase.



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