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#139: Self-Imposed Deadlines are the Easiest to Change

Last week, I was on the phone with a dear friend, stressing out about the deadline I'd set for finishing the rough draft of my book. (It was unreasonable.) She wrote and published a book two years ago, so she understood the struggle.

After I admitted that I didn't think it was possible to accomplish all the writing I needed to in such a tight timeframe, she paused and said, "Remember, YOU set that deadline. You can change it."

Mind. Blown.

Yep, I had set that (unreasonable) deadline. I had put a pin in the calendar for a crazy-short writing timeframe, and it was causing me no end of stress. Hearing her say that reminded me that self-imposed deadlines are the easiest to change, and if the target was impossible, or crazy to try to hit, I needed to change it.

So I did. And now I feel better.


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