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#149: Struggling with My Own Goals

About two months ago, I had a complete existential crisis. I woke up one morning and realized that I’d let a lot of (well-meaning) advice pull me right off track, and I’d lost focus of what was truly important to me.

Instead of listening to what was in my heart (and mind) and digging into the kind of work that excites me and gives me the most back, I’d turned to work that I thought would be most profitable. Which is a really common mistake in business.

I was slogging away, trying to gin up some passion for an area of business and a type of client that inspired very little enthusiasm for me, until everything came to a head in a session with my executive coach. In tears, I told her that I’d lost my way, and I was feeling demotivated and like a fraud.

Her response? “Get back on track.”

And it’s really as simple as that. All I had to do was re-align my work with my values, instead of chasing the almighty dollar. Since doing that, I’ve been so much happier. (And I know the dollars will come eventually—they always do.)


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