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#151: Goals Don't Have to be About Money

A common mistake that I see business owners make as they are strategic planning is that they get swept up into the notion that all goals have to be monetary.

Which is crazy.

Your strategic plan should be focused on what is important to YOU.

If the target you are establishing isn’t relevant to you, it is meaningless. And your strategic plan doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone outside your organization.

There are plenty of companies who set softer targets, like lives changed or people served. This is wonderful, and noble, and just as important as revenue. Yes, all those companies need to turn a profit and keep the lights on, but that’s assumed.

I feel like our whole world has gotten so caught up in revenue numbers and hockey-stick growth and “unicorns” that we’re all becoming venture-backed tech bro clones instead of recognizing that different businesses can have different goals and that’s okay.

Create the strategic plan that’s meaningful to you, not one that checks someone else’s boxes.


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