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#199: Are You a Thought Leader?

Do people in your orbit—in your company, in the community, out on social media—view you as an expert in your field?

Put another way, are you a thought leader?

If not, and you are an entrepreneur, it will be a lot harder to capture market share. Becoming a thought leader or a respected expert is the fastest way I know to draw inbound sales leads and grow your business, especially if you don't have a dedicated, full-time sales team.

And it's not hard. If you started a business in something, I have to assume you know a lot about that subject. All you have to do is translate that knowledge into regular communication to your target market of prospective customers. And the more niche, the better.

For example, I spend 90 minutes once a week writing blog posts for my website. They get repurposed into LinkedIn posts, tweets, short videos and sometimes even expanded into chapters in the book I'm writing. And people definitely perceive me as an expert in sales and strategy. Nearly all the business I've closed in the past six months has been due to someone seeing something I've created and reaching out to see if I can work with them. Easy-peasy.

Not a writer? First, know that business readers aren't expecting Shakespeare. They are expecting information, in small bites, written clearly. And if that is beyond your skillset (or not the best use of your time), you can always hire it done. There are LOTS of people out there who will create copy for you for a reasonable price.

In this day and age, there's no excuse for a business owner to not be perceived as an expert, especially when it can serve as a reliable pipeline for new business.


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