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#204: I Picked the Wrong Audience!

Another question I get a lot when talking about target audience is "What happens if I got my audience wrong?"

In other words, what happens if you define the demographics, geographics and psychographics of what you THINK your ideal customer is and none of those people show up to buy?

Well, you pivot. And you realize you aren't alone. There have been plenty of entrepreneurs who thought they knew EXACTLY who would be interested in their product or service, only to discover that an entirely different audience was the one buying it.

It happens. And when it does, you need to spend some time figuring out why. Did you simply mis-identify your audience? Does your product actually appeal to someone completely different? Was your messaging targeting a different group? Do you have more than one target audience? (It's possible!)

Whatever the reason, once your real audience has revealed themselves, it is important to revamp your messaging to appeal to more of THOSE folks. Figure out ways to reach more of them, because you know you'll have success. You have proof of concept with that particular group of buyers.

And don't look a gift horse in the mouth - customers are customers, and just because they aren't the buyers you THOUGHT you'd have, you are still ahead of the game.


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