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#202: Defining Your Audience

Yesterday, I wrote about how finding the right audience for your content/presentations/outreach matters. But how do you know who your audience is?

Easy. You define them according to three parameters—demographic, geographic, psychographic.

Demographic is the WHO: Business owners, college-aged women, fathers of twins, construction workers, left-handed banjo players, etc. Who are the people who will be interested in buying what you have to sell?

Geographic is the WHERE: In the Cincinnati metro, in the greater Midwest, globally. Virtual locations work, too: on Instagram, in particular Facebook groups, etc. Where do your particular customers congregate?

Psychographic is the WHY: Fashion-forward, growth-minded, looking for security before retirement, interested in 24/7 customer service. Why do they choose the companies/people they want to work with—what motivates them?

Get as granular as possible. The more targeted you are in your outbound messaging, and the more specific your messages are, the more likely that your target audience is to pay attention. (And eventually, buy.)


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