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#191: I'm Back!

Hello, dear reader. After a long weekend, a lot of thinking, a complete re-configuration of my calendar, and some serious re-prioritization, I'm back to blogging.

I'll tell you more about my quarterly reset in upcoming posts, but the net-net is that I realized that writing weekly and posting daily is important to me, and that I want to keep doing it. Not just because I've committed to this 1,000 blog thing, but because it helps me think through the things I need to think through. Writing makes me a better thinker, which makes me better at everything else.

I also enjoy the discipline of it. Last night, I was watching the new Ernest Hemingway documentary, and they mentioned how Hemingway's mother, a classically trained opera singer and music teacher, taught him that to love art was to work at it, every day. Hemingway carried that discipline with him through his life, and it is an excellent example for the rest of us. I can't be a writer, and say that I love writing, without the discipline of work.

Hopefully, with my renewed focus, my refreshed block scheduling, and some mental rest, writing won't feel so much like work now. But if it does, that's okay. If I love it, I have to work at it.


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